Step back to the 1770's and experience life as William and his sister Dorothy might have done at this beautiful, homely property. Enjoy a warm welcome from the Wordworth's servants and find out more about the restoration of the house and garden. William's beloved garden inspired many of his later poems and contains flowers, fruit and vegetables popular in the 18th Century - all of which are used in the house. The Discovery Room has fascinating research material and touch screens.

Check out the 'hands on' rooms with toys, costumes and books or meet and greet the servants to hear more about what it was to like in the 1770's. Don't forget to visit the shop for a souvenir of your visit or choose a plant from the garden to take home. Events are held throughout the year including Georgian tastings, games, cooking, garden tours and numerous demonstrations. The property, now open on Sundays, was Small Visitor Attraction of the Year 2009.