The Beacon is five floors of interactive activities and events full of Copeland history which is fully accessible for all ages and abilities. On the 4th floor your experience starts with `Views & Weather' with powerful telescopes, interactive climate touch screens and a chance to present the weather as well as generate wind power!

As you head downstairs in the beacon you reach the `Trades and Tides' exhibition, here is where you can find an interactive ship showing you how they were built to bring exotic goods brought back from all over the world. Head down to the next level where you can experience `Work and Play' and learn all about how folks had fun in the past in a new and interesting way.

On levelone there areeight different art and history exhibitions throughout the year as well as the Beacon gift shop stocked full with gifts and mementos for all ages and occasions! Once you've finished seeing all thefour levels, head to level 0 for something great to eat in the Wellington Bistro with specials for all seasons of the year.