Located in the Borrowdale valley near the Grange village is a 2000 ton boulder with a height of 30 feet and a width of 50 feet. It is most unusually placed, balanced on a strange angle as this boulder rock is not from the lakes. The rock type is believed to be Scottish as geological studies indicate that it was transported down during the Ice Age when it was carried down by a glacier.

This is a popular place for visitors as it has a sturdy wooden ladder constructed allowing you to go to the top of this large rock. It was a place of interest for many years with the past president Princess Louise of the National Trust particularly liking the place and organised a memorial stone to be placed in memorial of King Edward when he died in 1901.

During the 1800's this part of the valley was avoided by many as the erratically placed boulders and rocks provoked terror by the few people who ventured in to the area. Contradicting this, an eccentric gentleman who lived in Keswick at the end of the 18th Century, did love this area and with his wealth he built a chapel near the abandoned stone. He also caved out the base of the stone to allow two people from either side to shake hands. You can organise one of your walks to visit thisfascinating natural featurealong the away.