South of Keswick you can find the stunning valley of Borrowdalewhere you will discoverthe three valleys known as Watendlath, Stonethwaite and Seathwaite. This valley was formed by a glacier and explains why there are abandoned boulders and mounds of material known as moraines caused by glacial movement many years ago.

Borrowdale is particularly known for its large amount of oak woodland which adds to the beautiful scenery you can find in the area. This area is well known for its own weather system, with a very high amount of rainfall from the clouds which develop and hover over the valley. Seathwaite in Borrowdale has been found out to be the wettest place in England with rainfall on averagethree metres or more per year! But don't let that put you off, the views more than make up for it.

A popular starting point for a lot of the North Lakes fell walks is from the valley, the view people experience is agreed by many to be breathtaking. The valley floor is made up of huge stone walls making neat fields with a mixture of woodland and sheep grazing found on the overlooking hillsides. You can see tracks where the horse and cartsused to venture along weaving the length of the valley floor, with the River Derwent running along too. A truly gorgeous place to visit!