The glacial formed lake of Bassenthwaite which once was linked to Derwentwater many years ago, is the only water form in the Lake District which is named a `lake' as the others are `waters', `meres' and `tarns'. The tranquillity of this place is what makes it especially beautiful with the spectacular Skiddaw fells overlooking one of the longest lakes at over four miles in length. During certain parts of the year, you can see the Osprey swooping down over the lake in search offish in the waters, this is definitely something to look out for!

A brilliant shore path runs along the west shore of the lake allowing you to have a nice stroll along the water side whilst taking in the wonderful views. Fishing and sailing are also popular activities to do in the lake area as well as walking and sailing at the Bassenthwaite Sailing Club situated on the edge of the lake.

What makes this most northern lake special is that there are no major settlements situated on the lake shore unlike many other waters in the Lake District. This allows you to truly escape in to the world of this natural environment.