Striking red sandstone cliffs, an array of wildlife and a long sandy beach await you if you venture four miles south of Whitehaven to the village of St Bees, which is home to around 2,000 people and located near Cumbrian cottages to fit all holiday budgets. The spectacular cliffs on the headland known as St Bees Head dominate the skyline and in recent years have enticed countless climbers to the Cumbrian coast. Some partake in a spot of bouldering, a form of rock climbing without a rope over a large rock. There is certainly no shortage of them at the foot of the four miles of towering cliffs, some of which rise to 200ft above sea level. St Bees Head, the westernmost point of Cumbria, is also the starting point for the `Coast to Coast' walk as well as forming an integral part of the Cumbria Costal Way, which stretches for over 180 miles. It has been claimed that on a clear day that you can see across to the Isle of Man from the top of St Bees Head and you may even be able to spot dolphins and porpoises swimming close to the coastline. Discover all about the largest seabird colony in north-west England at the RSPB nature reserve on the cliff tops, while back in the village itself there is a priory, train station and a small cluster of shops and pubs.
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