The 700-foot limestone ridge of Heslington Barrow towers over the tiny village of Underbarrow, where Lake District explorers and leisurely hill walkers enjoy a secluded resting point in the heart of the South Lakes. Easily accessible by road from Kendal to the east and Ulverston to the west, Underbarrow is wonderfully well hidden from the world and visitors to the village relish the sense that they have truly escaped the rest of the world as they spend time in their secret corner of Cumbria. The village boasts a fine pub, the Punch Bowl Inn, which has stood in the village for almost 350 years and shows its age with the presence of a priesthole behind the bar. If the walls of the pub could talk, they would doubtless tale many a tale of the farmers, fishermen and travellers that have passed through its doors. Another treasure trove of history in Underbarrow is All Saints church, which overlooks the twinkling waters of Chapel Beck and has done so since it was built in 1869. However, the site of the church has been in use for the purpose of worship for almost 1,000 years and the chalice at the current church dates back to 1609. Underbarrow holiday cottages are not easy to come by in the summer months, when they are understandably popular. But those who sample a slice of life in this secluded, sleepy village keep it close to their heart for a long time afterwards.
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